Crime Computer/The Cyber Law

Crime Computer
Top 20 countries  involved Cyber Crime

Computer crime also can called as internet crime. According to Techopedia stated that internet crime is “any crime or  illegal online activity committed on the Internet, through the internet or using the Internet”. Computer crime had increasing in the new era technology. Thus, I always ask myself: Why we must learn cybercrime? What is the causes of the criminal activity? Where is the cyber crime originate?

  1. We learn cybercrime because everybody has used computer and did a transaction money through online.
  2. Economically, personally, and structural causes is the reason to motivated cybercrime happening around us.
  3. The top 15 cyber crime countries is originate from Russia, Ukraine, Romania, Hungary, Poland, Germany, Japan, USA, Italy, Taiwan, Israel, Brazil, Argentina, Australia, and China.

Link related to cyber crime:

Link related to the statistics of the cyber crime:

Link of Bureau of Justice Statistics:

Causes of cyber crimes’ link:

The Cyber Law:

According to Oxford stated that cyberlaw is the law related to the internet and computer offenses such as computer fraud, copyright, patent etc. Besides that, cyber law is the law to protect the internet and other online communication technologies. Therefore, every country also has cyber law enforcement to reduce cyber crime happened in their country. Examples of Malaysia Cyber Law such as Digital Signature Act 1997, Telemedicine Act 1997, Communication and Multimedia Act 1998, and Computer Crime Act 1997 (Saffian).

The need of cyber crime law:

  1. Integrity and security of information
  2. Legal status of online transactions
  3. Security of government data
  4. Intellectual property rights
  5. privacy and confidentially of information

More detail: Cyberlaws

Link of cyberlaw in India:

Link of cyberlaw in Malaysia:

Link of cyberlaw in US:


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