Types of Cyber Crime

Type of cyber crime:

Any crime is involved computer and network is called cyber crime or computer crime. Meanwhile, cyber crime also included traditional crime conducted through internet. There are many types of cyber crime or computer crime but the most common cyber crime has stated in the below:

1. Hacking: It is illegal intrusion into computer system or network without permission of computer owner or user. In the United States, hacking is classified as felony and punishable.

2. Spoofing: It is pretend to act as someone or something else by presenting false or wrong  information.

3. Malware: The software that enter the computer system without any permission from owner of computer. Malware also can recognize as damaging or annoying software. The malware is to inflect a computer system, conceal the malware’s malicious actions and bring profit from the actions that it performs.

4. Software piracy: Copying software for distributing or personal use.

5. Identity theft: Is someone steals a person’s personally identifiable information to opening a line of credit, purchasing gods or services, renting or buying a house or apartment, receiving medical care and so on.

6. Theft of intellectual property: Is someone steal other people ideas, invention and creative expression, then claimed as own intellectual property. For example, stole product blueprints, manufacturing plans, clinical trial results, pricing documents, negotiation strategies and other proprietary information from a large number of commercial entities.

7. Computer industrial: It is someone try to gain access company’s plan, products, clients or trade secrets without owner’s consent.

8. Denial of service (DoS) attack: Attacker attempts to consume someone network resources, so that, it devices or networks cannot respond legitimate requests. Example of DoS such as SYN flooding, SMURF and distributed attack.

Extra knowledge: http://www.us-cert.gov/ncas/tips/ST04-015


(Picture Resource: http://flylib.com/books/en/2.827.1.33/1/)

9. Phishing: It is a technique used by strangers to “fish” for information about user’s bank account number, PIN, personal identifier etc. The phishing email mostly will claim to the user to improve the current security system, do a survey and so on.

phishing ex

Phishing ex2   (Picture resource: http://www.banksafeonline.org.uk/common-scams/phishing/examples-phishing/phishing-example-halifax)


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