What Is Copyright 1987?

Copyright Act 1987 is a copyright protection in Malaysia which provides comprehensive protection for copyrightable works. The Act outlines the nature of works eligible for copyright (which includes computer software), the scope of protection, and the manner in which the protection is accorded.

A unique feature of the Act is the inclusion of provisions for enforcing the Act, which include such powers to enter premises suspected of having infringing copies and to search and seize infringing copies and contrivances. A special team of officers is appointed to enforce the Act.

The Copyright Act 1987 provides for the enforcement of the law by the Intellectual Property Corporation of Malaysia (MyIPO) , an agency under the Ministry of Domestic Trade, Co-operation and Consumerism, apart from the Police. The Act also provides the necessary clout to the enforcement agencies to effectively carry out anti-piracy measures.

The Malaysian Copyright Act provides for a Copyright Tribunal whose function is to grant Licenses to produce and publish in the National Language a translation of a literary work written in any other language. The Act is currently amended to expand the power of the tribunal to include arbitration of disputes relating to use of copyright works.

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